Firefox 3.5 on Ubuntu

Being both a Firefox and (K)ubuntu user I was awaiting the Firefox 3.5 release last week only to find out that a branded Firefox 3.5 release will not be made available for Jaunty Jackalope (Ubuntu 9.04), but only for its successor release, Karmic Koala.

Instead, there are various “Shiretoko Browser” incarnations available for Jaunty, the artwork of which I do not consider very appealing.

Still, I wanted to use Firefox 3.5 due to the speed improvements it offers compared to its predecessor.

Well, Firefox is free open source software, so all I had to was to fetch its source code from the Ubuntu Mozilla Security Team PPA and change the branding. The result is available in yet another PPA I created. Detailed installation instructions are available on the PPA page.