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Printing to a Kyocera FS-1370DN via IPP/SSL under Linux

Nov 15, 2011

So I recently got a shiny new Kyocera FS-1370DN printer, which features a built-in NIC (and even supports IPv6). As I have multiple client PCs I wanted to actually use the printer’s network interface instead of wiring it up through USB. While not being strictly necessary in a SOHO network environment, I wanted to go for a protocol that supports encryption. Fortunately, the FS-1370DN supports IPP over SSL. The documentation on how to correctly address the printer through that protocol was scarce, though, and Google was not much of a help.

As I eventually figured out the right URL to use in CUPS:


Apart from that you need to make sure that IPP over SSL is turned on (which you can’t using the printer’s built-in menu, but only through its web-based management UI [Basic -> Device Security -> Network Security -> IPP over SSL -> Unblock] and [Advanced -> Secure Protocols -> SSL -> On]).