Garmin Oregon 300 Firmware Update Under Linux

During the recent beta period Garmin regularly released its beta Oregon firmware in a format that could be easily downloaded and installed on the Oregon by unzipping it copying it to the unit when connected as a mass storage device. Unfortunately, Garmin changed this policy again after the beta phase ended, the official firmware only being available through their proprietary (Windows-based) WebUpdater. There is, however, good news: The WebUpdater just downloads a firmware file from Garmin’s web site (to be more precise: from an Akamai mirror of Garmin’s web site) as tcpdump easily revealed.

DISCLAIMER: I will NOT be responsible if the following procedure bricks your unit.

So, to update your Garmin Oregon 300 under Linux, download the new firmware file (for firmware version 3.20) and copy it to the “Garmin” folder on the unit. You may need to rename it to “gupdate.gcd” for the Oregon to pick it up during the next start-up.