Hash It! - Stop overloading your brain with passwords

As a happy long-term user of the Password Hasher extension for Mozilla Firefox I got used to being able to use different secure passwords per web site without having to take the burden of remembering them all.

When I recently bought an Android-based smartphone I was missing most of that convenience while surfing the Internet from my smartphone as Password Hasher was not available natively on that platform.

Hash It!, an application for the Android platform I developed, is there to bridge this gap: It eases using unique passwords per web site without overloading your brain by generating site-specific passwords derived from a secret master key. It maintains compatibility with the Password Hasher Firefox extension.

Hash It! is free (as in speech) open source software released under the GPLv3 with the source code being available on GitHub.

Further details on how to download it to your mobile phone are available at: http://android.ginkel.com/