Asterisk for FRITZ!Box 7270 Updated to Version

It has been a while since I published my guide to cross-compile Asterisk for the FRITZ!Box 7270. This guide and build script was based on Asterisk

Asterisk development has not stopped, though, so the current Asterisk branch - currently at revision - got out of sync with the asterisk-freetz-build script.

Now, what is so great about community-based software is that it facilitates contributions by others: Recently, I received an e-mail from Thomas Rueter, who provided me with a set of patches to compile Asterisk using asterisk-freetz-build. His patches served as a basis for a revamped asterisk-freetz-build v0.2 package, which is capable of cross-compiling Asterisk and chan_capi 1.1.5 for Freetz 1.1.x.

If you just want the updated package, you can grab it here. In case you are interested into contributing to its development, a copy of it is now available on GitHub.

And if this executive summary does not make too much sense to you ;-), feel free to read my original blog post, which I also updated to reflect the version change.