Time is running out...

Well, not for me, but for an integral part of the Internet as we know it today: IPv4. The Internet is getting short on IPv4 addresses and as more and more gadgets get IP-enabled and emerging countries consume the remaining available address space faster and faster it is time to start thinking about switching to IPv6, which should offer sufficient address space for the time being.

Said, done. As of recently, my FRITZ!Box 7270, which I use to connect to the Internet, started offering native, as well as tunneled IPv6 connectivity. I decided to go for a SixXS tunnel, as my ISP does not yet offer native connectivity. I won’t go into all the details of setting this up as it is well-documented elsewhere. Instead, I would like to point out some pitfalls, which I hit, but which can be easily avoided:

  1. Do not try to connect the FRITZ!Box with the tunnel without having a subnet attached to it. It won’t work.

  2. Try to get more than 25 ISK (credits) at SixXS during sign-up. Providing a link to your XING or LinkedIn profile during sign-up should do the trick. Otherwise, you will not be able to bring up your tunnel as you won’t be able to request a subnet with this amount of initial credit. Goto 1. ;-)

If you’re really into adventures, set up a reverse delegation for the revserse lookup of IP addresses from your IPv6 network. You should have a name server at hand, which has excellent IP connectivity. A FAQ covering this aspect is available at SixXS.