Hash It! 1.3.0: Master Key Caching, Private Key Support and Improved Usability

Many people seem to get a productivity boost during the holiday season - open source projects all over the world are pushing out new releases these days. Hash It! is not an exception, so I am proud to announce the availability of Hash It! 1.3.0 for Android, a major feature release.

Most new features introduced with this release improve Hash It!’s usability, such as (optionally) caching the entered master key for a configurable amount of time, so that you don’t have to type it again and again as you hash passwords for multiple web sites. Another usability improvement causes Hash It! to automatically return to your web browser once you have hashed the password without the need to manually hit the back button. Of course, this is also configurable.

While previous Hash It! releases covered the functionality of the original Password Hasher Firefox extension, the Password Hasher Plus extension for Google Chrome introduced a new feature to improve the password strength using a private key. Hash It! 1.3.0 puts in support for this feature and should now again be fully compatible with Password Hasher Plus.

Last, but not least a few bugs fell by the wayside. Sorry, guys… ;-)

Hash It! 1.3.0 is available via the Android Market. Details are also available at: http://android.ginkel.com/

Merry Christmas & have fun using Hash It!, your friendly password memorization brain extension! ;-)